Friday, August 01, 2014

Steve Lafler's 2014 Comic Art Sale

I'm offering these select pages of original comic art from my new title Death in Oaxaca for $200 each. 

These gorgeous works are 11" x 16.5", executed in brush & india ink on bristol board.  I picked my favorite ten pages to feature in this offer.

Here is a historic chance to get some early art from my next major work, indeed each purchase is an investment in the ongoing production of the eventual publication of the Death in Oaxaca graphic novel.

I'm in the states through August 4th, and on August 5th I'm returning to my home in Oaxaca. So I can process any order that comics in up to the morning of August 5. Payment via paypal preferred, but checks and cards are a possibility. 

Interested parties can email me here, or call 503-213-3671.

Pages are shipped insured.


The serious collector (or institutional collector) may want to consider purchasing the original art for the entire 34 page story for $5500.00

Copyright 2014 Steve Lafler

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