Thursday, August 16, 2007

On to Oaxaca de Juarez!

The obstacles to achieving one's dreams can be stronger than dirt. Serena and I were booked to fly to Oaxaca on Aug. 4 to begin our ex-patriot life there, when we were slammed with something unexpected, to say the least.

Now, rounding the bend of mid August, we are getting back on track and will be leaving wonderful Portland in a week or so for Oaxaca, but to get a sense of what we are up against, I'll just provide a link to Serena's blog right here:

I'm fond of telling anyone who will listen that I'm lucky in life, and lucky in love, and that I pretty much came up a winner in the relationship lottery. What can I say about Serena, I love her, she is a singularly beautiful woman, and she is brilliant enought to support me in just about anything that my artist's imagination tosses in our way.
She is an accomplished artist and writer herself--the example of her genius and keen intellect push me to do shit I'd never think of otherwise!
We have embarked upon and completed adventures together that are far beyond what I could have imagined for myself, for us, let alone our kids.

And, here is the rightous good news... her doctor's have pronounced her cancer free!

On to Oaxaca de Juarez!