Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dog Boy Photobombs Keith Richards

Yes folks, Dog Boy showed up at a recent Rolling Stones show, slipped onto Charlie's drum kit and totally photo-bombed Keith!

Actually, it's a 9" x 12" acrylic painting I just finished -- priced at $175, postage included.

I'm headed back to Oaxaca as of Aug 21st, so this particular work is available until Aug 20th.

Steve Lafler

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Friday, August 02, 2013

Take My Dog, Please (Includes Free Original Sketch)

I'm offering the last dozen copies of Doggie Style: The Complete Dog Boy including an original sketch and free postage, see this link for details.

Once the stock on hand is gone, the book will still be available as a Print on Demand item from CO2 Comics, but will not include the original sketch.

The above is an acrylic painting I just made of the ol' Dog. Zip me an email if you'd like one for your walls (or your mother in law.)

Steve Lafler