Monday, January 20, 2014

Steve Lafler Paintings on EBay

I've put a bunch of my acrylic paintings up on EBay at great prices. Here's an opportunity to get a sweet piece of art that won't break the bank.

Here they are--each image is followed by a link to it's EBay auction page for the piece. The starting prices for each auction are listed.

Yes, when Dennis is bombed, there are three letter "n" in his name...

Caveat emptor: My scanner is not the best, the colors are more vibrant that depicted here.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lafler Art on Ebay: Bughouse and More

I've just put four separate art auction pages up on EBay. I'm reproducing the all the art here, with a link to each auction. 

Whew, you can buy the original cartoon art of my Oaxaca Running Skeleton at an incredible price! Have I lost my mind? (Maybe a bit, but in truth I'm bent on financing some dental work.)

Or, you may want to proceed directly to an art auction featuring a set of three animal drawings, as follows:
The next item is a color collage/acrylic painting with a Bughouse theme executed on canvas (not on stretcher bars.) It's a unique item and a real deal.

Now we get to the top flight item on offer today -- the inside front cover art from Bughouse #3, published in the summer of 1995. This is a really fine example of brush and ink classic comic art from my Bughouse series.

Go ahead and treat yourself to some great original art at a fantastic price. You just can't get high-falutin' culture like this at these rates!

Steve Lafler