Monday, September 22, 2008

Steve's Online Gallery

I've posted my inventory of paintings at, I'll be adding stuff to this page as it emerges from my studio.
Featured here are Jelly fish vortex and Mr. Transtastic.

There is a range of work old and new, all offered at decent prices.

I handle billing / payment via Paypal. Shipping is via DHL, which is included in the prices as marked. DHL takes two days to zip stuff from my home in Mexico to the U.S.
It's my policy to offer a money back guarantee if any work arrives damaged.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cave Paintings & Howlin' Wolfman

Since moving to Oaxaca last year, it's been my ambition to begin painting again. I'd actually taken a degree in painting some 29 years ago, so the will to sling paint around has a precedent in my life.
I've painted in fits and starts for the past six years, and it's been both gratifying and frustrating. The process of creating color images with paint is so thrilling, but of course difficult as I have yet to master the tools and techniques.
In any case, I've been at it for a few weeks here and tonight I'm posting some of the early results. As I continue, I will be marketing the new work via various web channels.

Once I have a decent inventory I'll begin a gallery search; I hope to find at least one west coast and one New York/east coast gallery to represent me (any hot gallery tips, please zip me an email).

It will be a gradual process, as I'll court the muse on her own terms--and meanwhile I continue work on my next graphic novel, El Vocho, which is of course a full time job in it's own right.

As I create more canvases and get my marketing figured out, I'll post more here about my budding painting career.

Images ©2008 Steve Lafler, all rights reserved.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Thomas Friedman Articulates Argument Against McCain

I heard an interview with NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman on Fresh Air last night. The dude rocks, he argues for a green energy revolution with candor and wit. Oh, let's not forget he has a command of the facts, too.

He articulates the most concise arguments I've heard yet against a McCain presidency, pointing out the absolute lunacy of the "Drill, Baby. Drill" chant heard at the Republican convention. Continuing oil addiction makes for bad politics, bad business, and would be bad for the environment, the economy and your health. But the oil industry has the army of lobbyists, and pays for the campaigns of the weasels in Washington, so we hear utter idiocy like "Drill, Baby, Drill".
Don't take my word for it, check out Friedman's new book Hot, Flat and Crowded, and his N.Y. Times column.

I wrote in this blog a couple years back about the coming boom in clean energy, Friedman points out that tax credits from the federal government need to lead the way. McCain consistently votes against this, even when it would mean piles of new jobs in his state!

Go Obama!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Shotgun Wedding

A song for John McMcain and Sarah Palin, as follows:

There once was a reformer whose name was John McCain
Now he's the candidate but he's plainly not the same
No, John is not the same

Now maverick John went to choose himself a veep
He didn't tell nobody--the veep secret he did keep
Oh, veep secret he did keep

John vested Sarah Palin, he did it on his own
Asked for no opinions because of his thick dome
Oh, because of his thick dome

Now Sarah's on the ticket, she has a pregnant kid
Let's have a shotgun wedding, before John flips his lid
Oh, before John flips his lid
Oh, before John flips his lid

(Sung to the tune of Jack-A-Row)