Monday, October 21, 2013

Art Workshops in Oaxaca

I just got word today about an exciting opportunity to study art in Oaxaca for winter 2014. Photographer Mari Seder and painter Humberto Batista are offering a workshop in photography, art and painting the first week of March.

Mari Seder is a celebrated photographer who divides her time between Worcester, Massachusetts and Oaxaca. She is a lecturer at the Worcester Art Museum.

Photo by Mari Seder

Humberto Batista was born in Mexico City and has lived in Oaxaca for three decades. He has established a reputation as a world class painter and collage artist.

Collage/painting by Humberto Batista

Both Mari and Humberto are steeped in the cultural heritage and contemporary artistic scene of the jewel-like city of Oaxaca.
I highly recommend the workshop with these master teachers who know Oaxacan art and culture inside out. It's a rare opportunity; not only to experience Oaxaca from insider eyes, but to expand your artistic horizons guided by the sure hands of Mari and Humberto.

Steve Lafler

Friday, October 11, 2013

T-Shirts & Comic Books Forever

I remain the self-employed Bohemian. Just can't help it. Here's an overview of current business and artistic endeavors.

Custom T-Shirt Printing

My main business is Manx Media Custom Screen Printing. With my colleague David Perkin pulling the prints in Portland, Oregon, we're ready to print your T Shirts and sportswear. I recent created an overview of our business practices and philosophy at my T-Shirt blog here. Drop in and see what we are up to.
Bughouse #1, 1994

Graphic Novels

My other obsession of course is crafting my singular graphic novels. Here is my catalog of graphic novels, T-Shirts and more. I'll be updating the catalog soon to include this years release, Doggie Style: The Complete Dog Boy.

Dog Boy #5, 1984
Steve Lafler
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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Anarchists in the Boardroom Just Published

Earlier this year I did the cover for a book called Anarchists in the Boardroom by Liam Barrington-Bush. It's now available here.

Liam changed the color scheme a bit, but you get the idea.
I actually downloaded a make-up pallet to use as my color guide on this job! Whatever works, yes?

This was some corporations idea of what colors one should paint their face with this year. Or bookcover, in my case. Although I might favor that green or ochre next time I need some eye-shadow.

Steve Lafler