Saturday, May 28, 2011

Oaxaca Teachers Strike

Serena Makofsky has written a well researched, well reasoned and opinion piece supporting the teachers strike in Oaxaca, at this link.

She spoke to public school teachers and parents of children in the public schools as the basis of her research.

Uh, yup I am married to Serena, and we live in Oaxaca. Our kids are in a private school, but we believe in supporting the teachers union in Oaxaca. The alternative is to support the PRI and the government. No contest.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Dog Boy Stuff

New Dog Boy comics appear today here at CO2 Comics.

This is the first new Dog Boy material since the I dashed off a few D.B. stories for my Buzzard comics anthology in the mid 90s. Of course, I published 17 issues of Dog Boy in the 80s, first under my own Cat-Head Comics imprint, then with Fantagraphics.

As usual with Dog Boy, this stuff is largely improvised and off the cuff, and pretty hilarious, if you were to ask me!
There will be one page posted per week, with updates coming on Saturdays.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oaxacabilly Shows

My nascent band Bughouse is doing two shows in Oaxaca, coming right up.

We'll have Bill Stair on bass and mandolin, Mikey Hillard on guitar and backing vocals, Marcia Goldenberg on vocals and myself on guitar and vocals.

A tip of the hat to Todd Spiehler, the bad boy who gave me a wee push into playing music a few years back. C'mon back to Oaxaca any time for some tasty playing, Todd!