Saturday, July 01, 2006


How and when did the word floater enter my personal vernacular?

Wanna cut someone down to size? Floater. Right to the point: Funny, mean and really shitty!

Hey floater! You’re a fucking floater, y’know that, ya bum?!

Maybe it’s being a dad now, an increased incidence of floaters floating in my general direction, as well as the more obscure cannon shot, loaf, schmludge, and so on.

Certain more conceptual phrases bring the image of a bowl full of floaters to my mind. Just say these few words here: “The Comics Industry”.

What do you see? Comics? An Industry? NO! Floaters, floaters, and even more floaters! FUCK!

That’s just one example. Point your head towards Washington D.C., hell I don’t have to tell you what word comes to mind. The Bush junta = FLOATERS!

C’mon George. C’mon Dick! C’mon Condi & Donald! I’d like a future and a world to come back to next time around, even this time around, so cut the shit. Aren’t any of you sumbitches parents? Think about it. Ya pack of Floaters.

That’s all for tonight folks.