Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sanctimonious Polemics Here

Fuck a duck, it's hard being a blogger these days, I have no sanctimonious polemic to bash anyone over the head with today, no trivial whining about my live and loves, no product to flog, no stoooopid joke to tell.
You will have to imagine for yourself some left or right wing indignant screed, some sordid detail about my pecker, some new improved and splendid cog that will slide easily into the desired slot (that can be purchased for only $9.99 via paypal)!
I have no dumb ass jokes, some "friend" you haven't seen for sixteen years will send you a page of them with 50MB photos attatched tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.
This all being the case, I'm gonna blog off and blog out for now. For christ sakes, I'm a goddamn cartoonist, if you really love me and care about me, go read my mother fucking comic books, for chrissakes. Now there is a medium in which I am qualified to express myself.
Blog? Fog! Schmog! Bloob, Schmoob.


Anonymous said...

amen, brother-cartoonist-man-head.

zencomix said...

Hey Steve,
glad to here you made it to Mexico in one piece...meanwhile, do you have any good Zappa stories or artwork you'd care to share?

The Aristocrats call for Zappadan Submissions

Anonymous said...

I'll have two of whatever you're having.

Steve Lafler said...

HI ZEN! I went and posted a zappa comment.

HI RON! Ha ha, the problem here is that I've already had FOUR!