Saturday, May 05, 2007


Ben Tanzer has posted a shorty interview with me on the Punk Planet site, where he is one of their esteemed in-house bloggers.
He manages to ask a few key questions that touch on all the main stops of my comics career, and even lets me talk about how much I love The Cramps! Thanks Ben!
Punk Planet is a great magazine, to say the least--I heartily recommend voting for them at the newsstand with your dollars!

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you about Roy Tompkins, in fact I can see the Hillbilly Bastard's face in front of me right now! Roy influenced me to start using a brush and a #4 Series 7 W/N. Roy is such a quiet, unassuming guy. You'd never guess from meeting him that he could draw such nightmarish stuff, every line quivering with psychotic energy, and only someone who's grown up in Texas could REALLY capture the vacuum of culture and tailer park surrealism that defines life in the Lone Star state. Roy could draw the most beautiful ugly drawings ya'll ever saw. I sure miss him!