Sunday, February 04, 2007

Benb For Dummies--Wait, Benb is a Dummy!

At the tender age of nineteen, a strange and unpredictable entity appeared on my dorm wall: Benb.
He appeared there by virtue of the black magic marker that my good friend Tim Robinson wielded in his paw; Tim and I were immersed in a cannabis-inspired fit of graphitti. The best I could do was "The messenger from C.A.K.E.", but Tim, off the cuff poet and all around inspired genius that he was, hit one out of the park and introduced Benb to me, and to the world.

I've bring this up because I've posted a BENB page on my website, for those interested in more Benb-ness.

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zencomix said...


Some friends of mine used to be in a band called "Gravyhead". They were playing in a club called Bunratty's in Boston one night about 15 years ago. They asked me to sit in onstage and paint while they played. I used house paint and painted 2 pictures on a couple of towels that someone stole from a Howard Johnson's motel. One picture was captioned "Gravydread", and it was a cartoon of a band member with a huge head of dreadlocks smoking a fattie. The other picture was of Benb...and that picture of Benb that mysteriously appeared on the wall backstage at Tipitina's in New Orleans back in the Spring of '96, that was The Reverend Hojo Nixon that did that one, not me!