Monday, August 29, 2005

You Want Business Tips? Why Didn't You Say So?

I know, here in my alledged business tips for boho entreprenuers blog, it would seem I've been going on about my brilliant cartoon career. Guilty as charged, I get carried away sometimes. What an ego!

Okay, you want business tips? We gots 'em, in spades. Some may remember that way back when (last winter or so), I advised that one should always seek the win-win deal. Part of that approach is treating each and every person you encounter in the course of your business life with respect. The other part is treating yourself with respect.

Self respect is key to success as a Boho Entrepreneur. Therefore, once you are up and running, and you know what you are about, I offer the following well worn platitudes:

1. Take no prisoners.
2. Do not suffer fools gladly.

In practical terms, I suggest you institute an "jerk" fee. If you encounter a potential client where red flags pop up like mushrooms after a spring rain, add a good 25% to your job quote. Then, it will be worth it to work with someone who wants to "win" the deal, or otherwise push you around. Better yet, since they will be cheap as well as rude, and you will scare them off.

I recently quoted on a job, for a tiny fastidioius man, who was in the education field. He taught people how to be prison guards. He arrived at my house packing a .38 and a very large attitude. I do not like firearms, and I do not like people who bring firearms into my house. Especially without asking!

I was pleasant to a fault to this arrogant little turd, but I duly scared his sorry ass off with a 25% "bump" on top of my usual fee. Yup, the red flags were going off like nuts, and I scared him off. Had he gone for the quote, it would have been well worth it to deal with him at those rates.

Okay bye, I gotta go draw some more comics.

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