Monday, October 21, 2013

Art Workshops in Oaxaca

I just got word today about an exciting opportunity to study art in Oaxaca for winter 2014. Photographer Mari Seder and painter Humberto Batista are offering a workshop in photography, art and painting the first week of March.

Mari Seder is a celebrated photographer who divides her time between Worcester, Massachusetts and Oaxaca. She is a lecturer at the Worcester Art Museum.

Photo by Mari Seder

Humberto Batista was born in Mexico City and has lived in Oaxaca for three decades. He has established a reputation as a world class painter and collage artist.

Collage/painting by Humberto Batista

Both Mari and Humberto are steeped in the cultural heritage and contemporary artistic scene of the jewel-like city of Oaxaca.
I highly recommend the workshop with these master teachers who know Oaxacan art and culture inside out. It's a rare opportunity; not only to experience Oaxaca from insider eyes, but to expand your artistic horizons guided by the sure hands of Mari and Humberto.

Steve Lafler

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