Wednesday, September 05, 2012

What the Heck is the Hypernet? Who Are These Dudes?

I just ran across something called Roger and Mike's Hypernet blog. These guys posit that the internet is so, like, last week's news. Now, it's all about the "hypernet", the version of the web where all those mobile units like smartphones and tablets go to play.

Roger McNamee and Mike Maples

And they're right. I've been writing a bunch of articles recently about mobile advertising and marketing for a well-known SEO content mill. I can tell you that there are more cell phones in the U.S. than people. And, the estimates for the number of smartphones runs about half of all adults, depending on who's survey you believe. Tablets are multiplying like rabbits too!

It started for me yesterday when I saw Roger on a Bloomberg video interview, imploring us to forget about Google and Microsoft, as they are being made irrelevant by the onward (very quick) march of mobile technology.

Old Roger was very jolly indeed, as he quipped, "we're all making tools now, not websites". Yup, he's talking about mobile apps.

Me, I'm playing catchup -- I have yet to purchase a smartphone! However, I have embraced the mobile advertising options available to me. I use both Google Adwords and Facebook advertising to promote my custom screen printing business. These cost effective targeted advertising services reach mobile users as well as web searchers. And yes, mobile advertising is growing faster than web search based advertising.

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