Sunday, October 24, 2010

Have You Seen the Dog Lately

Serena Makofsky is doing a new "print edition" of her humor and culture zine, Have You Seen the Dog Lately. Serena and her sister Jenny began the zine while attending Mills College in the late 80s, helped by friend Megan Tucker who had access to unauthorized nocturnal (free) copying.
After a brief hiatus, they jump started the zine again in '93 and had a splendid run until 2004 when Jenny died in an auto accident.
Serena is doing a kickstarter fundraiser to get the project rolling, here is a link to her kickstarter page. There are lots of cool things you can get if you support the project, including a copy of the zine of course.
I really like the video on her project page, because she's really cute in it. Did I mention that I'm married to her???

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