Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Albert Hoffman, A Fine Human Being

Just heard over NPR that Albert Hoffman has died at age 102. Who can argue with living to such a ripe old age. By any measure, this man was a very successful human being.
Of course, Albert Hoffman is best known for the synthesis of LSD-25 in 1938, and for inadvertently dosing himself in 1943. He went on to lead a dignified life, intelligently discussing and analyzing his great discovery for the balance of his long life.
I won't bore anybody with my own views on LSD and psychedelics here (just read enough of my comics and you'll catch the drift of my opinions); I would simply direct attention to my link to Hoffman's Wikipedia entry. Draw your own conclusions.
Okay, allright, one final note. I would say that it's hard to take any critic of LSD and psychedelics seriously if they have not tried them, just my subjective opinion.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I agree with your final word on that. Just stumbled onto your blog through the jerry-frankenstein jpg that google image came up with on the 4th page or so of "jerry guitar" Anyways, nice little blog, one artist to another.

30th and geary
-creepy alligator

Steve Lafler said...

Hey Creepy Alligator... is that 30th & Geary in the Richmond District? Used to live on Arguello right near the park back in the 80s (seems like another life).
Someone bought the Frankenstein playing Tiger painting. Thinking of doing more paintings. Monsters, guitars, cars, whatever!