Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's the War, Stupid

Oh Bush, thanks so much for signing your band aid bill to avoid recession. I'm sure it will work like a charm!
Uh, it's for sure gonna fix the sub prime mortgage crisis. We all know that you & congress can save us, and the economy.

Or maybe not. How did we get here, on the brink of recession? Sure, all those funky mortgages had something to do with it.

But, where has the real error been made? I believe it's the misbegotten war that Bush/Cheney started under false pretenses and pushed on the world over the past few years. What an incredible, very large, waste of money (not to mention lives).

We are in a situation similar to the aftermath of the Vietnam war. It took a good ten years to pay for that war and shore up the economy.

I think we should cut the "defense" budget in two, and spend a bit on health care, education, housing (especially for low income people), infrastructure and education. Now that is an economic program I'd support.

In conclusion, Bush and his ilk are not only bad actors, they are really shitty accountants.

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