Monday, December 17, 2007

Self Appointed Blowhard Gains Ascendancy!

It's my great joy in life to thumb my nose at authority and hierarchies of all stripes while happily working for myself. OK, so I have an attitude. What of it?!

Truth be told, the Vice Principal of Glenbrook Middle school, Mr. Texiera, told me that I was stupid and would end up in prison. (He'd just caught me pitching peanut M&Ms at the svelte young Mrs. Miller in the cafeteria. What can I say? She had great legs, and I had to get her attention somehow.) Although I did spend one night in jail in college, drunken lout that I was, I've happily avoided prison thus far.

So here I am, having appointed myself blowhard in charge of cheerleading impressionable folks into the self employed life, especially if they are artistically/creatively inclined. What qualifies me to do this? Ha! Nada! Chances are, what works for me would land you in the poor house (Lord knows I've done my time there). Yet I am compelled to blow my horn on this subject dear to my heart, and my overblown ego wants props for it.

What I'm leading up to here, I've actually gotten a wee bit of exposure in the overamped blogosphere lately for this here soapbox I'm crowing from, as follows:

Apparently, I received a mention for my piece on "The Win - Win Deal" in Social Entrepreneurship Today.
Two of my "Self Employment" pieces have also garnered a pair of mentions on Technorati pages, which I gotta say is an honor for a seat of the pants operator like myself. The first is in the Kaizen Business pages, and then there one on the James Alenteal site.

It's nice to get listed with thoughtful, useful sites like these. As always, I hope I can deliver just a bit of useful information about self employment to even one person out there. That is something that would make this self appointed, self employment guru/blowhard very happy indeed.

Steve Lafler

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