Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cave Paintings & Howlin' Wolfman

Since moving to Oaxaca last year, it's been my ambition to begin painting again. I'd actually taken a degree in painting some 29 years ago, so the will to sling paint around has a precedent in my life.
I've painted in fits and starts for the past six years, and it's been both gratifying and frustrating. The process of creating color images with paint is so thrilling, but of course difficult as I have yet to master the tools and techniques.
In any case, I've been at it for a few weeks here and tonight I'm posting some of the early results. As I continue, I will be marketing the new work via various web channels.

Once I have a decent inventory I'll begin a gallery search; I hope to find at least one west coast and one New York/east coast gallery to represent me (any hot gallery tips, please zip me an email).

It will be a gradual process, as I'll court the muse on her own terms--and meanwhile I continue work on my next graphic novel, El Vocho, which is of course a full time job in it's own right.

As I create more canvases and get my marketing figured out, I'll post more here about my budding painting career.

Images ©2008 Steve Lafler, all rights reserved.


Lloyd Dangle said...

Nice work, Mr. Lafler. Your blog is beginning to feel like Thomas Kinkade in an permanent acid-induced psychosis. I mean that in a good way. Cheers and goddamn it, it pisses me off seeing other cartoonists down there partying with you in B. Traven's stomping grounds instead of me. When is the guest room free? My son is used to having his birthday in exotic places. 02/02.

Lloyd Dangle said...

ps: I just clicked on your site 500 times to make your google payments go up. Let me know if it works.

Steve Lafler said...

Mr. Dangle has outed me, I am Thomas Kinkade! If you eat my paintings, it's generally about 500 mics, so I suggest eating maybe half on the first trip.
As for the google payments, Lloyd your check is in the mail!

Meanwhile, tell young O.K. that he should visit this coming March/April, circa Spring Break (the father in law will be in residence on 2/2).

Oliver said...

Too cool. I mean, it doesn't get any cooler than this! Love the paintings!!

Andrea said...

Love the paintings especially the flying vw. Can I put it on a shirt? :)

bwana spoons said...

nice work steve. great on their own, but as a duet they are flippin super.

Steve Lafler said...

thanks Bwana! I know of no higher praise than flippin'!!!

Paul Smith said...

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