Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring 2014 Custom T-Shirt Printing Price list.

Manx Media of Portland, OR Custom Screen printing prices this season. Email Steve Lafler for more info. Visit the Manx Media Custom Screen Printing blog.

Minimum 50 shirts.
Includes 1/c print, add .40 2/C, .65 3/C, .90 4/C, 1.10 5/C, 2/C .40 3/C .65 4/C .90 5/C 1.10 6/C 1.35


Add amount indicated above for multi-color printing.

Gildan 5000

cotton T

Quantity Discounts:

Gildan 2000
100 shirts, less .35 per shirt. 200 shirts, less.55 per shirt. 300 shirts, less .65

Hwt cotton T

2X, 3X, 4X shirts slightly more expensive.

Gildan 5000B

child cotton T

Gildan 2000B
WHITE TSHIRT slightly less – prices indicated are for color shirts.

Child T Hwt

Gildan 2400


SALE ITEMS: When our supplier offers us special pricing, we pass it on to you.

Gildan 5400
Check at time of quote for special offers.


Gildan Hoodie
Prices based on print-ready jpeg, Photoshop or Illustrator files.

Adult 185

Gildan Hoodie
Art & design services available

Child 185B

Am Ap 2001

cotton T

AmAp BB301



50/50 Men

Am Ap 4400

cotton rib T

AmAm 4305


AmAp 4321


AmAp 4311

Spagetti T   

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Portland Oregon T-Shirt Printing

David Perkin and I are still handling custom screen printed T-Shirt jobs in Portland, Oregon. Get the full scoop at this link.

Call me at 503-213-3671 or email me for a quote.

Steve Lafler

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

CAT SUIT new Steve Lafler Ebook

My New comic Ebook Cat Suit is out today! It's a hilarious 50 page super hero parody.

You can buy it at this link.

This is my first project with my new publisher, Alternative Comics.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Steve Lafler Paintings on EBay

I've put a bunch of my acrylic paintings up on EBay at great prices. Here's an opportunity to get a sweet piece of art that won't break the bank.

Here they are--each image is followed by a link to it's EBay auction page for the piece. The starting prices for each auction are listed.

Yes, when Dennis is bombed, there are three letter "n" in his name...

Caveat emptor: My scanner is not the best, the colors are more vibrant that depicted here.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lafler Art on Ebay: Bughouse and More

I've just put four separate art auction pages up on EBay. I'm reproducing the all the art here, with a link to each auction. 

Whew, you can buy the original cartoon art of my Oaxaca Running Skeleton at an incredible price! Have I lost my mind? (Maybe a bit, but in truth I'm bent on financing some dental work.)

Or, you may want to proceed directly to an art auction featuring a set of three animal drawings, as follows:
The next item is a color collage/acrylic painting with a Bughouse theme executed on canvas (not on stretcher bars.) It's a unique item and a real deal.

Now we get to the top flight item on offer today -- the inside front cover art from Bughouse #3, published in the summer of 1995. This is a really fine example of brush and ink classic comic art from my Bughouse series.

Go ahead and treat yourself to some great original art at a fantastic price. You just can't get high-falutin' culture like this at these rates!

Steve Lafler

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bughouse and Dog Boy: Steve Lafler's Legacy Collections from CO2

With the help of publisher CO2 Comics, I've realized a long held dream over the past two years with the publication of two legacy volumes collecting my two long running comic book series, Dog Boy and Bughouse. I've spent three decades pushing at the limits of the comics medium, challenging myself to create works that expand the range and possibilities of narrative art. I'm delighted that Gerry Giovinco and Bill Cucinotta of CO2 have collaborated with me to produce two spectacular volumes celebrating my contributions to the comics form thus far.

Back in 1981, I published my first comic magazine Mean Cat at the dawn of alternative comics. I thought myself happy to push this one comic book into the world, claiming my own small corner of comics immortality. Really, I knew better. I'm just as gung-ho now, some 32 years later, to produce outrageously great comics work and proselytize until I've won over the entire universe!

I worked furiously throughout the '80s on my Dog Boy series, ultimately producing a good 500 pages of comics. Along the way, Dog Boy #1 from Fantagraphics in December 1986 garnered orders of more than 10,000 copies, signaling the arrival of Dog Boy as a force to be reckoned with.

This past summer, CO2 put it all together in Doggie Style: The Complete Dog Boy, a 488 page collection. It's a walk through some of the best alternative comics of the day, delivered in a classic brush style with my singular improvisational narratives, sometimes psychedelic, at turns overtly political.

In the summer of 2012, CO2 published Menage a Bughouse, the 400 page collection of my Bughouse comics. Bughouse covers the career of the all insect band of the same name as they rise through the ranks, bringing Be-Bop jazz to life at the end of the swing era. The lead character Jimmy Watts is the avatar of the new style with his sublime tenor saxophone work, but struggles for survival as he battles addiction to "bug juice."
Bughouse began as a series on my own Cat-Head Comics imprint before moving to Top Shelf for a trilogy of graphic novels.

These two books promise an entertaining and unusual journey, delivering highlights from the fringe of three decades of alternative comics. No devotee of alternative and independent comics should miss these!

Ordering Links:

Menage a Bughouse

Doggie Style: The Complete Dog Boy

copyright 2013 Steve Lafler

Monday, November 11, 2013