Friday, February 20, 2015

I Will Eat My Own Pants if it Means I Can Make Comics

Funding Death in Oaxaca with Sales of Classic Dog Boy & Bughouse Original Comics Art

I'm about 70 pages into drawing Death in Oaxaca, my new graphic novel. I'm serializing it as old-school comic magazines with publisher Alternative Comics, working towards the complete novel. The muse is handing this book over to me—it's flowing like honey! I live for this sensation, fully alive, deep in the trance of art-making, that I worked to such satisfaction with Dog Boy in the '80s and on BugHouse in the '90s on up to 2005.

Problem is, I'm focused on the new work but struggling to make ends meet. My solution: Put the artwork for my Bughouse & Dog Boy material up for sale at attractive prices. I have a deep stock of more than 500 Dog Boy pages on hand, and close to 400 Bughouse pages. These comic art pieces are executed in brush & ink on bristol board, generally around 11” x 17” in size.

I'm offering the Dog Boy pages at $100 and the Bughouse pages at $200. The best way to see them is with my online publisher CO2, with Dog Boy here and Bughouse here. Pick the page or pages you that just call your name, and zip me an email. I'll check on availability of the pages you request and report back. Payment is handled via Paypal. 

I'm excited to offer these seminal works of original comic art to help drive my next work to completion. You'll receive a luminous piece of comics history while helping me to create more of the same!

CO2 also offers deluxe print editions of my back catalog, DoggieStyle: The Complete Dog Boy and Menage a Bughouse (The CompleteBughouse).

Art shipping details: All art is shipped in a heavy duty shipping tube, insured, via DHL from Oaxaca, Mexico. Shipping charge is $55, with no extra shipping fee for multiple pages. Ask about discounts for multiple pages. Note that you can select Dog Boy pages by issue at the CO2 site.



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