Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Monster Lafler Halloween T-Shirts

It's just about my favorite time of the year--HALLOWEEN! What better time to stock up on some B-A-D monter T-shirts.!?

I'm offering shirts with Frankenjerry (Frankenstein plays Jerry Garcia's tiger guitar) and a Rockabilly Wolfman slammin' on his hollow body Gretsch. I've also been told that this particular Frankenmonster looks like Lou Reed.

Click here to hit the T-Shirt shop.

Have a terrifying Halloween!



Anonymous said...

Steve, Any chance of getting FrankenJerry on a Black or other dark color shirt?

This is Jesse. I bought the FrankenJerry original from you. It is happily hanging in Seattle.


Steve Lafler said...

Hi Jesse, I'll get into my Cafe Press shop and see if I can set up the Frankenjerry on a black t.

Steve Lafler said...

FrankenJerry on a black T has been added!