Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oaxacan Artist Humberto Batista

Oaxaca is the artistic soul and cultural center of southern Mexico. This city is the home of well renowned visual artists such as Francisco Toledo and the late Rodolfo Morales. It's been my good fortune to meet several outstanding artists in Oaxaca, including painter and assemblage artist Humberto Batista.

 Fantasia Abstracta #5

Working from his studio in central Oaxaca, Batista creates abstract paintings and assemblage pieces that reflect his interest in reconciling the joy of life with the inevitability of death. His mastery of materials and techniques and his playful sense of humor combine to produce works revealing a deep understanding of the human condition and the animal vitality that pushes us through life.

Calaquita De La Soledad

I am always delighted to see what Humberto Batista creates. His paintings engage my eye and mind -- the latest abstract canvas never fails to speak to me with it's juxtaposition of color, line and form. There is a narrative element to every work, as the artist references the totality his experience as a modern Mexican artist with a wit and flair that I can't get enough of.

 Fantasia Abstracta #2

It is possible to contact Humberto Batista to arrange for a studio visit to view his work while visiting Oaxaca -- I highly recommend it.

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