Monday, October 11, 2010

Queens of the Underground

Here are a few more pics from the San Diego Comics Con of old. The spirit of the original Underground comics played forward and blossomed in some great indie/alt comics in the 80s and 90s. Other rich veins of comics history dove tailed with them as new forms and styles emerged.
As mentioned before, the parties were pretty good too. No, they were spectacular!

The Queens of the Underground, Dori Seda and Krystine Kryttre, 1987.

Bad Boy J.R. Williams laying it down on Dan O'Neill's banjo, 1987.

The brilliant original, J. Bradley Johnson in '95. I know it looks like he's about to shop for art supplies, but actually he is on his way to the Comic Con wedding of Rebecka Wright and Mario Hernandez!

Mary Fleener, the other Queen of the Underground, and Dave Scroggy. Look out Scroggy, she's about to play that old Beer/Portfolio trick on you! 1991?

Steve Lafler and J.R. Williams in 1989. Based on our poses, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say I'm two beers ahead of J.R.

Reed Waller and writer Ricard Von Busack, either '89 or '91.

I'm reposting this at my FB page in May, 2020. It's great to look at these old photos again. Needless to say, back in the late 80s, early 90s, us Alt/UG types went to San Diego looking for a VERY GOOD TIME! Yes, we'd be on the con floor by day hawking our books and making deals, but the NIGHT TIME WAS THE RIGHT TIME! Ha ha.


Muscles Moriarity said...

Cool man. Certified.

Anonymous said...

wow what a blast from the past to see Dori and Kryttre together as I knew them when kryttre was my roomate on Guerrero St and Dori was our next door neighbor

Anonymous said...

thanks Steve