Sunday, October 17, 2010

El Vocho Party, July 2010, with The Dick Nixon Experience

I held a publishing event last July 22 in San Francisco at the Mercury Cafe for my El Vocho graphic novel. My pal Scotty Hoover helped put together a pick up band, the Dick Nixon Experience, for the party. Another friend, Norm Rosenberger, shot this video of us playing the blue grass standard John Hardy. Thanks for the video clip, Norm!

My new graphic novel El Vocho is currently in the Diamond Comics catalog: Page 290 of October Previews, order code OCT101061 EL VOCHO GN (MR). Diamond has listed El Vocho as “Certified Cool”.

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horst girth said...

just beautiful, bert. dylan had his "thin wild mercury sound" ... hank w., a "high lonesome sound" ... this is another frequency on the astral plane.