Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring 2014 Custom T-Shirt Printing Price list.

Manx Media of Portland, OR Custom Screen printing prices this season. Email Steve Lafler for more info. Visit the Manx Media Custom Screen Printing blog.

Minimum 50 shirts.
Includes 1/c print, add .40 2/C, .65 3/C, .90 4/C, 1.10 5/C, 2/C .40 3/C .65 4/C .90 5/C 1.10 6/C 1.35


Add amount indicated above for multi-color printing.

Gildan 5000

cotton T

Quantity Discounts:

Gildan 2000
100 shirts, less .35 per shirt. 200 shirts, less.55 per shirt. 300 shirts, less .65

Hwt cotton T

2X, 3X, 4X shirts slightly more expensive.

Gildan 5000B

child cotton T

Gildan 2000B
WHITE TSHIRT slightly less – prices indicated are for color shirts.

Child T Hwt

Gildan 2400


SALE ITEMS: When our supplier offers us special pricing, we pass it on to you.

Gildan 5400
Check at time of quote for special offers.


Gildan Hoodie
Prices based on print-ready jpeg, Photoshop or Illustrator files.

Adult 185

Gildan Hoodie
Art & design services available

Child 185B

Am Ap 2001

cotton T

AmAp BB301



50/50 Men

Am Ap 4400

cotton rib T

AmAm 4305


AmAp 4321


AmAp 4311

Spagetti T   


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