Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lafler Art on Ebay: Bughouse and More

I've just put four separate art auction pages up on EBay. I'm reproducing the all the art here, with a link to each auction. 

Whew, you can buy the original cartoon art of my Oaxaca Running Skeleton at an incredible price! Have I lost my mind? (Maybe a bit, but in truth I'm bent on financing some dental work.)

Or, you may want to proceed directly to an art auction featuring a set of three animal drawings, as follows:
The next item is a color collage/acrylic painting with a Bughouse theme executed on canvas (not on stretcher bars.) It's a unique item and a real deal.

Now we get to the top flight item on offer today -- the inside front cover art from Bughouse #3, published in the summer of 1995. This is a really fine example of brush and ink classic comic art from my Bughouse series.

Go ahead and treat yourself to some great original art at a fantastic price. You just can't get high-falutin' culture like this at these rates!

Steve Lafler

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