Friday, October 11, 2013

T-Shirts & Comic Books Forever

I remain the self-employed Bohemian. Just can't help it. Here's an overview of current business and artistic endeavors.

Custom T-Shirt Printing

My main business is Manx Media Custom Screen Printing. With my colleague David Perkin pulling the prints in Portland, Oregon, we're ready to print your T Shirts and sportswear. I recent created an overview of our business practices and philosophy at my T-Shirt blog here. Drop in and see what we are up to.
Bughouse #1, 1994

Graphic Novels

My other obsession of course is crafting my singular graphic novels. Here is my catalog of graphic novels, T-Shirts and more. I'll be updating the catalog soon to include this years release, Doggie Style: The Complete Dog Boy.

Dog Boy #5, 1984
Steve Lafler
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