Thursday, July 05, 2012

Steve Lafler at MoCCA July 12

The Steve Lafler event at MoCCA has been cancelled. As of Friday July 6th, I am scrambling to come up with an alternate venue in NYC or Brooklyn.
 Cartoonist Steve Lafler teams up with publisher CO2 to release Ménage a Bughouse. a 408-page volume collecting his trilogy of Bughouse graphic novels.

Lafler will be touring the U.S. during July to promote Ménage a Bughouse.

Bughouse original art and Radio Insecto CDs will be among the offerings at Lafler's MoCCA stop.

Bughouse is the story of Jimmy Watts and his band of jazz playing bugs. The character driven story is set in a stylish “insect-noir” world, invoking an indigo-toned Manhattan of the early 1950s. Be-bop is king, and the alluring substance “bug juice” threatens to destroy the players against a backdrop of romance and intrigue. 

Ménage a Bughouse retails for $24.99. A hardback edition will be available for $39.99. The large format book (8.5 x 11) showcases Lafler's fluid brushwork.

Steve Lafler is a master cartoonist and his work is in a class by itself; an unpredictable amalgam of fun, intelligence, breeziness and glorious strangeness that keeps your eyes fed and your synapses sizzling.” --Jim Woodring

Tour Dates
July 11, Ada Books, Providence, RI
July 12, MoCCA, New York City
July 14, Locust Moon Comics, Philadelphia, PA
July 17, Boxcar Books, Bloomington IN
July 18, Daydream Comics, Iowa City, IA
July 21, Time Warp Comics, Boulder, CO
July 25, Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco, CA
July 28, Cosmic Monkey Comics, Portland, OR

 Photo of Steve Lafler by Jeff Charles
Menage a Bughouse cover

Call (or email) Steve for further information at 503-213-3671.

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