Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dog Boy: One of the Best Comic Books in America

I first published Dog Boy #5 on my Cat-Head Comics imprint in September 1984. Back in the morning of alternative comics, I was exhilarated to get to a fifth issue out, slowing building an audience and gaining a toehold in the nascent indie/alt comics movement.
While the 5th issue continued my free-form improvisational approach, I also introduced the character Dr. Mainstream, a pastiche of super hero conventions.
At the time, there was a militant divide between mainstream and alt comics--I was squarely in the alternative camp, but felt like doing a super hero parody and indeed saw no problem with bridging the gap a bit.

Starting today, CO2 comics will reprint Dog Boy #5, posting a new page every Saturday. The cover is up today, along with the first 3 pages.
I highly recommend CO2, as founders Gerry Giovinco & Bill Cucinotta do a fantastic job of featuring comics on the web. The art looks excellent, reproduced in a large format, and the site is easy to navigate.
Click here to go to CO2 and read Dog Boy #5. Perhaps you will agree with critic Cat Yronwode, who in 1983 called Dog Boy "one of the best comic books in America".

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