Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Dia De Muertos, Xoxochitlan Oaxaca

Nothing gets to the heart of Dia De Muertos in Oaxaca quite like a visit to the Panteon Municipal in the town of Xoxochitlan on the night of October 31.  I went with my family, took a few pics and enjoyed an incredible vegetarian tlayuda with quesillo, mushrooms, radishes and avocado at a comal outside the panteon, along with a medium hot light  brown salsa that was sublime. We also got some hot cider that calmed the chill of the muertos wind, and our friend Carrie got a cider with a shot of mezcal in it to really beat that chill!

Last night, Nov. 1, we went to the Zocalo in Oaxaca centro and saw the gay friendly comparsa (parade) with wild costumes of traditional themes like the grim reaper and the devil along with a pile of queens in drag. Very good band and great dancing, enjoyed from the confines of Bar Jardin where my kid enjoyed french fries, I had a vino tinto and my pal Carrie enjoyed a passable tobala mezcal for a mere 31 pesos! Not a bad price for a ringside seat in the zocalo. I was dressed as Joey Ramone--ripped jeans, sunglasses, leather jacket, black T shirt and a big ol' wig over my bald head. Lot's of cool kids wanted their photo taken with Joey!
Tonight we will watch some El Santo Monster movies at a hipster gallery in town before moving on to the Panteon San Felipe.

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