Monday, December 24, 2007

Further Adventures in Web Comics

The New Media, whatever that means, is like the tide coming in--that is to say, you can't stop it. If you try, you're going down!

I love print. I'm a bonafide print junkie with ink for blood. I've owned a screen printing company for almost thirty years, and I've created and published some sixty comic magazines/books/graphic novels.
But, as 2008 approaches, I see that income from print based comics has dwindled steadily over the past few years. Traditional book & magazine publishing is on the ropes these days, no matter how you slice it. I've racked my brain over the past several years for a new model to bring my work to market.

Happily, I've caught the New Media bug. I'm definitely "on the bus", having done enough research & experimenting to be producing and publishing electronically.

This post will not be about the specifics of my model, the nuts and bolts details of how & why it's viable. Nope, it's simply time to direct readers to my new webcomic project, which I'm calling Tuff Toddler. I'm digging in to spend some serious ink-slingin' time here, and I invite one and all to join me on this journey into the heart of -- um -- my heart. Come around to Tuff Toddler/Cute as a Button But Tiger Tough site on a regular basis, I'll be waiting there to entertain, delight and surprise you.

Steve Lafler,
Christmas Eve 2007

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