Saturday, July 14, 2007

Stupid Real Estate Tricks

I never intended to be a real estate baron/profiteer, and it ain't nothin' but dumb luck that I kind of am a real estate baron/profiteer.

What I am, as this blog exists to point out, is a self employed bohemian. I've been a cartoonist and T-Shirt screen printer, and that pretty much suits me to a T (fuck, that is a baaaaad pun).

So what happened? Well, several years back, I hooked up with a couple cute chicks I knew (aka my wife and sister in law) and we bought a gorgeous but shambling old victorian in Oakland. Before the big crazy run up in prices. We just wanted to avoid dumping cash into the rent hole, so we pooled resources to buy our lovely dump.

Fast forward to today, two home sales and one insane real estate bubble later, and the wife and I are set up to move into the fertile territory of our dreams.

Indeed, we have cashed out and are headed to Oaxaca City in Mexico to make art and raise our kids. Yes, we are jumping into the deep clear waters of the unknown, into the very heart of our deepest longings for sublime adventure--and we are dragging our two beloved little kids along for the ride!

We lived in Oaxaca (and other parts of Mexico) for half of '97, and we loved every shaggy minute of our time in the amazing, misunderstood jewel to the south. We swore to return, so here we go!

I'm gonna blog more about this for sure, but I'm about to lose my damn battery here in the wifi cafe on Portland's Alberta St. (yes, we are really gonna miss beloved PDX!). Stay tuned!

lotsa love

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