Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cat Suit available as PDF file

I've posted a link to my new comic book Cat Suit as a PDF file on my website. Here's the web page with the PDF link:

I couldn't be more pleased to give away my new story for free! More people will read it that way. Hell, it never hurt Jerry to give away all that free music, did it? It's not like he was all, "Boo Hoo, poor me, I'll never be a rich rock star this way!"

Hey, did I mention that Cat Suit is a bad ass great mo fo of a comic book? No? Trust me, it's fucking hilarious! Okay, be that way, go download that sucker and see for yourself.

And just in case you forgot, this Tuesday night April 17 is Manx Media night at the Press Club in Portland, 2621 SE Clinton St. at 7 pm. Chicago novelist Ben Tanzer will be reading from Lucky Man, and I will somehow contrive to perform the contents of Cat Suit.

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